Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lots of reading over Thanksgiving Break!!!

I read Fudge-a-mania, Maniac Magee, Dog Whisperer, Ghost.  I enjoyed reading all of these books.  We are starting these books for our literature circles in class.  Fudge-a-mania is your typical humorous fiction with a few laugh out loud moments.  If you want something light hearted - this is for you.  The other two books were a little more "deep." In Dog Whisperer, Ghost an adopted little girl wants to know more about her "real" mom and dad, but she discovers other adventures that are just as important.  Maniac Magee really surprised me on the content.  Part of it shows how Maniac Magee (a white boy) is discriminated against by black children and adults.  It is also about a special relationship he develops with various people (his parents were killed in an accident when he was little).

Pick up these books and give them a try!  It is well worth it!